Presentation at the MA STEM Summit

Program evaluation in STEM education

Presentation at the MA STEM Summit

December 1, 2017 Uncategorized 0

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Christine presented her research titled “Evaluation of a Global Initiative to Teach Engineering and Global Competency to Middle Schoolers” at the Massachusetts STEM Summit in Worcester, MA. The abstract follows:

This presentation will discuss the evaluation of a global program that integrates engineering with global competencies and works with thousands of middle school students and educators across the globe. The evaluation included data from several hundred students in five countries including the U.S., Jordan, South Africa, Vietnam, and Malawi. To date, evaluation findings indicate that the program was successful at achieving many of its intended impacts on children and educators. This presentation will provide researchers, evaluators, and practitioners with an introduction to the global engineering program; a description of the evaluation design and instruments; a description of the evaluation participants; findings related to intended impacts; a summary of the challenges faced in the study and lessons learned; factors to consider when planning similar evaluations; and factors to consider when implementing similar programs.

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